Charlotte Ransom- CEO, Netwealth

Charlotte is the founder and CEO of Netwealth, a leading UK online wealth manager. Having started her career at JPMorgan she spent 20 years at Goldman Sachs, serving as a partner for 10 years.

David Stevenson- Investment Writer, MoneyWeek

David is an experienced investor and financial writer, whose areas of expertise include investment trusts, ETFs and alternative investments. He is a regular contributor to MoneyWeek and a columnist for the Financial Times. He's also editor-in-chief at AltFi, the leading alternative finance fintech news brand.

John Stepek- Executive Editor, MoneyWeek

John is MoneyWeek's executive editor, and has been writing MoneyWeek's daily investment newsletter, Money Morning, for over a decade. His main areas of interest include investor psychology, asset allocation, and passive investing.